As luck would have it, we were given the opportunity in catching up with rising star superstar Quincy Brown. Son to music royalty, who also is creating a path by making his mark in the acting and music world (among other things). Shot in Long Island City, Queens by celebrity photographer Micaiah Carter and styled by NYC based stylist Torian Lewin, we discussed his journey in between looks. From facing possible challenges in the TV/Film industry to finding his own sound in music all while navigating and getting acquainted with the fashion circuit.

Photography: Micaiah Carter    Styling: Torian Lewin    Location: Long Island City, Queens    November 2017

Photography: Micaiah Carter

Styling: Torian Lewin

Location: Long Island City, Queens

November 2017


DH: You've done some movie work in the past (and I’m sure more in the future) but do you find any challenges when filming for TV? What are the major differences

QB: I'm still a newbie in the industry so it’s all fun & challenging. Both TV & Film. I guess a  difference  would be within the storylines and plots. A movie you know everything. With TV, you have an ongoing plot, anything could happen.  

DH: Now you're on set filming Star with some heavy hitters who are legends in the industry, do you ever feel intimidated at all? 

QB: You would think it would be extremely intimidating but it’s actually the complete opposite -- it’s almost comforting. We are transparent with each other, which makes shooting fun and comfortable. We all want each other to win. 

DH: During our quick convo at the photo shoot, you mentioned there are quite a bit of directors for the show. How do you balance the various directing styles from each? 

QB: It's fun. You get to really use your tools as an actor. It doesn't really cause you to try and balance it. Everyone is in cahoots, so it balances itself. 

DH: You're based in Atlanta for pretty much most of the time, practically live there. How does it differ from the other places you lived and what do you LOVE about ATL the most? 

QB: I lived in ATL for years, so it’s not a foreign place to me at all. I love the food, and more so the whole southern way of things.

DH: Now I'm sure you have to drive there, do you drive? If so, what kind of car do you have?

QB: Yes, I drive a motorized vehicle. That's all you get :)

DH: Atlanta is a hub for tons of musical talents! Now during the shoot, I must say you were quite the DJ in rambling off some of your favorite artists. Music is not only in your blood but major interest of yours also. What's going on in that world for you?

QB: A lot of great stuff in the works. I am now in a place where i have identified by sound 100%. Excited to present the new ME, and it’s very versatile. I'll be rolling out single after single starting now!

DH: Give me your TOP 5 (and only 5) music artists. Past or present?

QB: Top 5 include, Drake, Isley Brothers, T Pain, Lauryn Hill, Pharrell, & Ludacris. That's six.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ 

 DH: Have you thought becoming a DJ?


QB: Of course! I’ve actually spun like 3 cooperate events so far, so call me DJ FREQUINCY lol. Nah but as much time as I spend online finding new music, I’m already prepared sonically. The technical side of it could use some work, but for the most part I already act like one lol.  I send new music to certain friends, which to me is like breaking a record on the radio in a personal way. I get way to hyper when I find a gem!  

DH: Who do you think is changing the music game right now? 

QB: A few artists changing the game in my opinion are Khalid, Logic, and still of course DRAKE. 

DH: Who are some artists you think we all need to know RIGHT NOW!

Sinead Harnett, Miknna, & Snoh Aalegra... REMEMBER WHERE YOU HEARD IT!

DH: Another thing happened during the photo shoot...you had your own little mini shoot in between looks with your own camera. We didn't know you were photographer as well! What do you shoot typically?

QB: It’s hard to say. Really everything….LIFE! I have no overall plan with my photography hobby as of yet, so it’s all experimental. 

DH: Do you have any favorite photographers?

QB: Yes, a few of my favorite photographers are Stephen Vann, Stephen Garnett, Dennis Leupold, and the homie Bredan Forbes

DH: How many cameras do you own?

QB: — I own 2 DSLR & 2 Film Cameras. 

DH: Assuming this is hobby of yours, would you like to do more with skill?

QB: Absolutely, I have a lot to learn still like lighting, which is what I want to explore next. (Outdoor lighting tricks, not so much in studio.)

DH: You're a man of many talents and quite the entrepreneur also.  Can you break down Frequincy and Planet Quincy and what we can expect?

QB: Frequincy is my company. My independent label. I’m currently building a team and want it to be known as a team of game changers. Planet Quincy is a my HUB. The place where everyone is on a different Frequincy. EVERYTHING QUINCY. 

DH: We covered the music, the acting, but now onto the fashion! How would you describe your personal style?

QB: My style is clean cut and refined. I like high end designers mixed with my basics and essentials. 

DH: You're on fast track to Hollywood which calls for paparazzi, red carpet events, premieres, etc. In other words you must be fly at all times. What are your go to essentials when you step out?

QB: My go to essentials -- cool jackets to layer, I love a cool boot with jeans or even a suit, thermal tees and basic white and black tees. Lastly, my Rolex watch -- I'm always on time. 

DH: Now you attended the CFDA dinner ceremony in NYC and this was your first time attending. How did it feel to be surrounded by such power houses in fashion? From models, to designers, photographers. 

QB: This was a night to remember. I met and introduced myself to Anna Wintour.  I talked with designers whose brands I wear all the time like "public school." I'm looking forward to building relationships with Vogue and the top fashion designers in the industry. 

DH: Do you see yourself becoming part of the fashion circuit as well? 

QB: I feel I'm already apart of the fashion circuit. Music, fashion and art all collide however, I'm looking to do more in the fashion world. Ad Campaigns, runway shows and The Met Gala. 

DH: How would you like to see your style evolve?

QB: I want to continue to push the envelope... I love wearing black... it's a power color. I'm ready to embrace patterns and more colors for upcoming red carpets, etc. My aesthetic will remain refined. 

DH: Are there any brands that you love? Most designers and brands look to influencers, such as yourself, to become ambassadors and/or the "face of" for their brands. Do see yourself being in that role at some point. 

QB: I love the Moschino Brand because it's fun, bright, flashy but also cool. I could see myself working with Jeremy Scott on a capsule collection. Maybe walking the Moschino runway in the near future. Let's see! Neil Barrett, I own many of his designs. I'm looking forward to wearing more of his geometric designs, coats and suits for my upcoming red carpets and events. My stylist hits him up directly and he overnights from Milan for me. 

DH: To you, who do you think has (or had) the best style?

QB: Pharrell is a style icon... I love his style and how he puts his looks together. Skateboarding meets high fashion and the streets. 

DH: What is one fashion trend that you loved and one that you absolutely hated?

QB: I loved a comfy anytime style cap.. so much so, I even designed one for  my merch brand... they come in 3 colors. Planetquincy.com. A trend I didn't really feel was the baggy leather pants. Works for some, but not for many.

Jamie Tonge