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“With my name on this collection, it was important to design pieces that represent my culture influences and my community; pieces that I could see my friends, family and fans wearing with pride.”

- Michael b. Jordan


For the first-of-its-kind creative collaboration, Coach has teamed with actor, producer Michael B. Jordan on a capsule collection. This being his first fashion venture, and also a first for the design house to have a global face for Coach menswear. Created in partner ship with Viz media, this collection is inspired by Jordan’s cultural influence and community, his love of Naruto and his passion for bringing unique voices to the forefront. For those not familiar with Naruto, Naruto is a Japanese anime and manga. A young ninja who begins his journey as an outsider, ultimately gaining respect from his community and peers but works with them to protect it. A story that is all too familiar with Jordan. Changing the trajectory of Hollywood’s perception of such artists like himself while building bonds within and outside of that community. But all comes full circle with Coach’s commitment to community and courage.

The products range from parkas, jean jackets, and pull overs to back packs and hybrid sneakers. All infused with technical details like tactical straps, removable sleeves and elastic closures. It also features imagery of characters from Naruto in addition to the series’ trademark eye motifs that have been reimagined with Coach’s Retro C graphic in reference to the back story of Naruto himself. In launch for the collection, Coach releases a campaign video filmed in a neon-drenched backdrop of a Tokyo street by Rachel Morrison who directed photography on box office hit ‘Black Panther’. Tapping into his cinematic skills, you’ll see the shifts between modern day grit and magical realism. Check out some campaign images and products below.


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Jamie Tonge