The offerings of mens skincare products have grown extensively in the past couple of years. But unfortunately within the many portfolios of these grooming conglomerates, there is limited or lack there of options that tend to neglect the needs or cater to men of color. Given the many pigmented variations and textures of our skin, it is in fact a challenge to obtain the necessary goods to address things such as razor bumps, which is very common with men of color, uneven skin tone and breakouts. But Patrick Boateng II has changed the game in developing of a skincare brand that will solve the daunting duties of finding products that work.

Patrick is no stranger to the likes of acne, razor bumps and break outs at all. Working abroad, the air pollution combined with stress along with the hustle and bustle of a metropolitan and over populated city, his skin suffered as a result. With no luck in finding products to repair his skin, it was evident then that Patrick needed to create a solution for such a huge problem in the grooming market. Here we asked Patrick about his company Ceylon and what his direction is, as well as some grooming tips to keep our skin on point at all times.


"At Ceylon, our mission is to create accessible, easy-to-use products, specifically formulated to help men of color achieve the best possible skin."

Founder, Patrick Boateng II


DH: Where did the name Ceylon come from?

PB: Ceylon is an old name for Sri Lanka, where our original manufacturer sources natural ingredients in our formulations.

DH: What is the brands DNA and how did it come about?

PB: The brand is pharma meets hardware; scientifically-formulated products for everyday use. This is a reflection of the core idea, which is a response to the need for products that actually work and can be easily used every day.

DH: Can you tell us what Anim Labs is and how it relates to Ceylon?

PB: Anim Labs is our company, which focuses on research and development of personal care products for people of color. Ceylon is our first brand.

DH: What is your background related to skincare?

PB: I’m mainly an enthusiast through having the experience of trying hundreds of products. That’s why I knew that it would be critical to bring in our advising dermatologist, Dr. Lynn McKinley-Grant to help us develop the best possible formulations.

DH: What products are offered and how can it be purchased?

PB: We offer the Ceylon Skincare Set, which features a Facial Wash, Facial Toner, and Moisturizer. You can buy the set or each product individually on our website,

DH: What is the most common mistake you see mens grooming routines?

PB: The most common mistake we see is inconsistency. Some people don’t use products every day and it’s easy to forget when results can sometimes take up to a month to see or life gets in the way. It’s important to develop a consistent routine just like you would for eating well or going to the gym.

DH: During the warmer season, do you suggest sunscreen and a moisturizer?

PB: You should always use sunscreen and moisturizer, regardless of the season or weather patterns. 

DH: Would you recommend a dermatologist, even if there are no concerns with your skin?

PB: It’s easy to think that you don’t have any skin issues because you haven’t experienced chronic issues like acne, which is pretty easy to recognize when it appears. However, it’s worth seeing both a dermatologist and an esthetician because you might not be optimizing your overall skin health and there might even be issues going on at deeper layers, which are much harder to see.

DH: Men of color tend to have there way with razor bumps. What can we do to avoid or minimize this?

PB: We have a special formulation coming out that will help with this tremendously. We’re still testing prototypes but the results have been really promising. The key is to make sure that you’re exfoliating the beard area twice a day.

DH: Should men stick to a one-brand skin care routine versus mixing other brands and products?

PB: It’s okay to mix and match if you know the ingredients that each brand has and how they might work for you. Our products are scientifically developed for skin of color, so we have a different methodology for product development than other brands, many of which don’t have any goal for skin like ours.

DH: How important is a toner to men’s grooming?

PB: It’s incredibly important! Toner removes leftover dirt, oil, and dead skin cells from the skin's surface while rebalancing its pH to prepare for the application of moisturizers. We included a toner in our set to achieve this balance while giving the skin a small boost of hydration.

DH: Are facial masks something that guys should add into their routine?

PB: Definitely! They’re a great way to introduce more hydration to the skin, which is essential to helping maintain its overall quality and condition. Facial masks can be a good option after a late night out or a flight.

DH: Are your products for all skin types? 

PB: Yes!

DH: What is one skincare product that every man MUST have?

PB: If you have to choose one, I think a great sunscreen is a must. Sun damage is the number one cause of photo-aging (how old you look). Additionally, most people don’t know that black and brown people are disproportionately more likely to get skin cancer due to lack of sun protection.

DH: What ingredients can we look for that ensures a certain product is suitable for our skin texture?

PB: I would think about what you should avoid, such as bleaching agents (Benzoyl Peroxide) and any other ingredients that might have side effects when treating issues like acne.

DH: What offerings are you looking to hopefully roll out in the near future?

PB: We want to continue to offer great facial products and eventually get into other areas like body care and perhaps even sun-care. 



Jamie Tonge