When summer arrives, most of us are more concerned with beaches, pools, relaxing or showing off the amount of work we put into sculpting our bodies during the colder months. But let’s not forget, there will be weddings, date nights, dinners and other intimate engagements throughout the warmer season. In which i’m sure you don’t want to smell like you’ve been laying out or walking about all day. It’s always great to have your summer fragrance selections ready as the season approaches. Here are some of our suggestions to add to your essentials collection (that you should have by now)


CK ONE SUMMER —$64 (3.4oz//EDT)

The new limited edition fragrance, CK One Summer, combines a fresh scent with bright and bold art-inspired packaging from the pop art movement of the 1950’s. with ingredients from the waters of the Icelandic Blue Lagoon and driftwood from the Siberian Sea, CK One Summer delivers an unexpected freshness with a balance of energy and relaxation. Refreshingquince and dewy waterlily top notes pair with Blue Lagoon Accord, juniper berries and matcha tea at the heart, while a base of Siberian Driftwood and smooth musks perfectly pair for a universal scent.

Acqua di Parma “Cipresso di Toscana” — $171 (150 mL)

Taking inspiration from a walk in the nature reserves of Tuscany and from the region’s symbolic tree, the cypress, this aromatic scent, stands out prominently beside the paths which wind up among the Tuscan hills. Notes include star anise and elemi, illuminated by the radiant combination of orange and petitgrain, sage and lavandin, cypress and pine.


$130 (200mL ) — $95 (100mL) — $77 (50mL)

The man of today seeks balance, authenticity and connection to his natural state. Inspired by this desire for balance, BOSS Parfums introduces a new signature Eau de Parfum: BOSS BOTTLED Infinite. The fragrance opens on a refreshing, sparkling top note of mandarin and apple, spiced up by a hint of cinnamon and sage. Warm, aromatic notes of patchouli, rosemary and lavender come together at the masculine heart. The rich olivewoodcombined with sandalwood creates a smooth yet deep base note, unfolding harmoniously on skin. BOSS BOTTLED Infinite is the first fine fragrance using “diamond technology”, which makes the top and heart notes last longer on skin and helps maintain the initial scent’s signature.

DAVIDOFF RUN WILD — $83.00 (EDT. 3.4 OZ)

Known for their iconic Cool Water scent, Davidoff has released their boldest project Run Wild. Described as the “first lusciously aromatic fragrance,” Run Wild is an unfiltered take on Nature. A heart of resilient Wild Lavender mingles with Salt Air, which is then joined by sensual Madagascar Cinnamon. The interplay of textures is again an ode to the different rhythms of our world. Fir Balsam provides the raw, woody base at which this scent is rooted.

Jamie Tonge