“There’s always more road left to travel.”

— Lebron james—


In celebration of their 120th Anniversary, luxury German luggage brand Rimowa has released a 2nd series of ad campaigns, “Never Still” featuring prolific figures in sports and fashion. In which these short videos that are produced to capture the essence of each individuals’ life journey with a break down to their conceptual idea that’s related to travel. The latest to be faced in this campaign is NBA mega star LeBron James, who’s made it very clear…he still has more game in him. Starting off the monologue is James saying “It’s been a long road man”. The 34-year old baller has faced much criticism and hate regarding his ability to continue his career in the NBA, where you can also hear in the beginning of this video of the recording of a reporting asking “How many years does LeBron have left?”. Throughout you’ll see snippets of police brutality, kids on the playground, run down homes and also a shot of the school he just built, all in his hometown. James has been using the luggage for years now so the partnership was a no brainer. But it was not only about the brand but the message.